Book Excerpt

Introduction—What You Can Expect

If you’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines or any other form of chronic pain then more than likely you’ve been having a tough time for years. You’ve probably spent lots of time in doctors waiting rooms, gotten probed and tested and possibly had a difficult time getting someone to give you a clear diagnosis. Then once you got a diagnosis, all you’ve been offered is a choice between anti-depressant medication and increasingly potent pain medications and possibly both. Many of you are taking a list of medications longer than your arm ... See More under Book Excerpt Above

The Three Most Important Things to Understand about Pain

Using All Your Channels to Heal Pain

I’m going to start with the punch-line and then explain what I mean:

Healing is most effective when you use all your channels to heal.

Over the last 35 years or so I’ve worked with many people to help alleviate their pain, whether physical or mental/emotional. Throughout this time my clients have had a very high rate of successfully healing their pain, and I’ve been privileged to witness some extraordinary personal transformations. I attribute... See More under Articles above.