Using All Your Channels to Heal Pain

I’m going to start with the punch-line and then explain what I mean:

Healing is most effective when you use all your channels to heal.

Over the last 35 years or so I’ve worked with many people to help alleviate their pain, whether physical or mental/emotional. Throughout this time my clients have had a very high rate of successfully healing their pain, and I’ve been privileged to witness some extraordinary personal transformations. I attribute much of my success to my good fortune of having had very good teachers and mentors, who taught me to think in ways that facilitated my recognizing patterns and modeling how to change in efficient and elegant ways.

Much of my clients’ success resulted from the techniques and processes we used that I evolved from my years of experimenting with what works best. My two primary criteria for evaluating the efficacy of an approach are how efficient it is and how elegant it is. I measure efficiency by how long change takes and how much effort and energy is required. I measure elegance by the number of steps involved and how much any process requires changing the normal routines of life. So a protocol that has fewer steps with little interruption of normal life activities and choices is highly elegant. Over the years, my methodology for helping people with their emotional/mental and physical pain has become both very efficient and elegant. Clients experience dramatic positive change quickly, with moderate effort and little interruption of what was already working in their lives before they came to see me.

Recently, however, I realized that their success resulted from more than the techniques and processes in which we engaged. My work also encourages people to adopt certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking, about how disease occurs and how healing can be facilitated. I realized that these beliefs were an integral factor in the positive results people achieved. Some of these beliefs are: that the development of disease is multi-causal; that the human body/mind is much more fluid than we imagined; and that what causes a disease, what maintains a disease and what prevents healing are not necessarily the same. I offer a more complete discussion of these beliefs in my soon to be published book, The Six-Week Pain Solution. But for this discussion, I want to primarily discuss one of these beliefs. This is the belief that the human body/mind is more fluid than we imagined.

Fully understanding the implications of this belief about fluidity first requires that we understand that how human beings manifest is through three channels. One channel is physical manifestation encompassing both voluntary and involuntary behavior. An example of voluntary behavior is lifting your arm. An example of involuntary behavior, which includes physiology, is sweating. A second channel of human manifestation or expression is thinking. As human beings we think about the past and the future, understanding that a millisecond ago is the past and a millisecond from now is the future. The third, not necessarily in order of importance, channel of human manifestation and expression is feeling which includes our emotions.

Thus human beings can be thought of as behaving, thinking and feeling processes. That’s all we are. Every human expression occurs through these three channels – behaving, thinking and feeling. That’s it.

So where does this belief about human fluidity fit in? The answer lies in understanding the source of our behaving, thinking, and feeling human body/mind. The source of our human manifestation is energy. We are energy taking form through physical, mental and emotional channels. And energy can change form. Something that is physical can become mental/emotional and something that is mental/emotional can become physical. But it’s not really that simple. When disease occurs, regardless of the channel or channels through which the disease originates, the disease can manifest through any channel(s) and often does. In our culture, the most common form that this takes is mental/emotional disease manifesting physiologically. Now this might seem to be bad news, making the whole process of healing more complex, but it’s really the good news.

The good news is that regardless of how your disease is manifesting, anything you do in any channel of human expression to move towards balance and well-being will help you heal. Just as all disease is multi-causal, healing is multi-faceted. So the best way to move toward wellness is to pursue balance and well-being through all your channels, physical, mental and emotional. In my upcoming book I offer an elegant new model for understanding how your emotions work and how to practice balancing your emotions. Because the emotional arena of manifestation has historically been the least understood channel of expression, most of us enjoy a long history of being victims of our emotions through repressing and/or indulging our emotions. Thus balancing your emotions will have a dramatic effect on healing both your mental/emotional and physical disease. But here’s the real punch-line:

The best way to heal any disease, regardless of what channel(s) through which it manifests, is to engage in healing activity through all your human channels of expression. Understanding that there are no guarantees in life, if you want to maximize your ability to heal, engage in healing activities in all your channels of human manifestation. I can’t tell you exactly what to do – I can only share what has worked for me. But I encourage you to explore what has worked for other people whom you respect and admire, and practice some of their methods in each of the channels of expression. Get some physiological help through nutrition, supplements, herbs, drugs in some situations, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, exercise, yoga or anything else that someone you know has utilized successfully and that appeals to you. Get some mental/emotional help through hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), cognitive/behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, meditation, spiritual study or anything else that you are drawn to. And finally learn how to quickly identify what reactive emotions you’ve been failing to process through either repression or righteousness and use “The Gesture of Self-Love,” an integral process in my book that will move you through reactive emotional states with grace and ease.

Again, here’s the punch-line I shared at the beginning of this piece.

 Healing is most effective when you use all your channels to heal

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